Ok, so its been about five and a half months since Operation Jaw Surgery, and it was a complete success. I’m totally lucky that my braces came off about four and a half months after the surgery which is completely rare. Some jaw surgery victims have braces on for up to a year afterwards. For me, that was just not an option. I gave my orthodontist a deadline: graduation. And I’m so glad he was able to make it work.

So, braces are off, and I’m being forced to talk with a “lisshhp” because of the retainer. I guess I will always be a Metal Mouth.

In regards to the surgery aspect of it all, I feel almost completely normal. Normal in the aspect that I can eat whatever the hell I want, talk for hours on end, and engage in contact sports. I’m being slightly held back by the numbness and wide opening of my mouth. The right side of my chin is still numb, I’d say it’s about the size of two quarters. I do find though that when I’m eating ice cream or something, someone will awkwardly point out that I have a trace of it on my chin. Yup, I can’t feel it at all. So if you see me with food on my chin, speak up! I don’t want to walk around with food outside my mouth. Yuck! About the jaw opening, I still find it a little bit resistant to when I need to yawn or eat a Red Robin burger. I did do physical therapy for that, but then I was all clear. I occasionally still do the exercises just to loosen it up a little bit more.

So, that’s it, I’m all done. Jaw is a-ok and I’m so glad the braces are off. All is good.

Thanks for following this process with me. It’s been quite a ride.


Horrendous Pics During Hospital Stay

Like I said before, the hospital stay was terrible. I was so uncomfortable every second because a) I wasn’t in my own bed b) I was hooked up to all this machinery c) I was so groggy and disoriented d) laying around all day is pretty boring.

After coming out of surgery and while I was in the ICU, my dad took some pics on his iPhone. I didn’t see them until three weeks later and I was completely shocked. I look just as miserable as I felt. So here is my warning: don’t look if you can’t handle it. They may not be as bad as you hoped for / thought, but whatever.